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HB 3 hurts Kentucky kids and families.
  • It would take away modest SNAP (formerly food stamps) food assistance received by the parents of children over the age of five. Recipients would need to participate in “workfare” — essentially an unpaid internship — if they are not already working at least 20 hours a week. Workfare has not been shown to be effective in moving families to self-sufficiency and reporting requirements are proven tripwires for losing assistance even when the recipient is technically in compliance.
  • It contains a requirement for any person with a criminal history involving substance abuse to pay for a drug test prior to becoming eligible for SNAP. Because the state will reimburse the applicant after a negative test, and public assistance participants do not have higher rates of drug use than other Kentuckians, the costs to the state would be great.
  • It requires the state to include a photo on SNAP cards, costing the state millions to implement and triggering a federal law that would require all SNAP-approved grocery stores to ask for photo ID from anyone paying with a credit or bank card.
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Take action today!

  1. Leave an online message for your Representative by clicking here.
  2. Then call 800-372-7181 and ask to leave a phone message for your Representative (click here for information on your Representative).

Please leave the following message:

  • My name is X with X organization and I’m a constituent of Representative X. 
  • I’m calling to urge him/her to oppose HB 3 because it would take away access to food for struggling kids and families in Kentucky.
  • Food banks cannot meet the increased need for food assistance if SNAP benefits are cut.

Thank you for taking action against hunger!