Any Kentucky farmer who grows the 28 crops or other agricultural products included in the program may participate. To sign up, please fill out a 2023 Participant Agreement Form and return via US mail to PO Box 5522 Frankfort, KY 40602, or send via fax to 502-237-0653.


Kentucky farmers can work directly with Feeding Kentucky and will be responsible for delivering their product to the closest food bank warehouse. Deliveries to local food distribution agencies may be arranged on a case-by-case basis; contact us to inquire about local deliveries.

Deliveries must be pre-approved via purchase order. Farmers may contact Feeding Kentucky by email (produce@feedingky.org) or by phone at 502-699-2656 with product offers. Feeding Kentucky will issue a purchase order to the farmer and cc the receiving food bank.

Farmers are to include with each pre-approved delivery a detailed invoice including their full name and address, type of products delivered, unit, the fee per unit, and total amount due.

We also work with produce auctions, cooperatives, and farmers’ markets using the same purchase order system. The auction/cooperative/market managers arrange for the purchase of Kentucky-grown products from Kentucky farmers and oversee its delivery to food banks.


The amount paid per product is intended to cover the cost of harvesting, packaging, and transporting donated agricultural products to emergency feeding organizations and will, therefore, be well below market prices.

The 2023 fees for harvesting, packaging, and transporting fresh produce to a food bank or food pantry will be determined as approximately 95% of Kentucky produce auction market prices for the U.S. No. 2s as reported on the University of Kentucky’s website: (http://www.uky.edu/ccd/pricereports/KYPA).

View our Crops List 2023 to see our average fees paid over the last 3 years. Please contact us for current egg fees.

Fee Payment Processing:

Foodbank warehouse staff will forward the invoice provided by the farmer with their delivery to Feeding Kentucky where we will then process the payment to the farmer within 2 weeks.